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Property Information Portal for Professionals (or as we like to call it PIP)


London price analysis -
borough by borough
analysis - Oct 16
Student housing from
niche investment
opportunity to global
asset class

Transposition of the
Fourth Money
Laundering Directive
(New consultation)
feedback by 10th Nov

Property Content
Property price report -
Halifax - Sept 16

'Generation rent' top of
the list for fraudsters

HCA Private registered
providers of social
housing stock - annual
data return 2015-2016

Rental market update -
LSL, Belvoir, ONS -
Aug 16

Government launches
£3 billion Home Building


This is the UK's only residential property research portal. It has been set up to help property professionals keep up to date with the latest price and rental stats, government consultations, residential property legal changes and latest research reports. 

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