Housing market predictions and property sold prices - should we be getting excited?

publication date: Apr 21, 2010
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books

Housing market predictions and property sold prices - should we be getting excited?

It's not a time to get too excited over property sold prices as the market doesn't appear to be 'doing much' this year at all - apart from London which does appear to be doing well versus 2009 and may even catch up this year to 2007 levels.  

For buyers, there may be a bit more choice as the number of properties for sale has increased. Hometrack have reported that "over the last six months of 2009 the supply of homes for sale grew by 1% while sales volumes grew by 20%". However, for sellers excited to see 'house price growth' in the headlines, be realistic, prices aren't going up everywhere, in fact any increases are very regional and prices are still over 10% less, on average than 2007 levels READ MORE.

The outlook for 2010 will depend on whether buyers have run out of cash or interest rates go up forcing repossessions.

For the full property market analysis and to find out what's happening locally READ MORE.

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