Need to sell fast? Why not try an ‘Open House Weekend’

publication date: Nov 24, 2009
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books

I’d be amazed if this works at this time of year, but Countrywide Estate Agents are holding the UK’s largest ‘open house weekend’ on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th  of December.

Open house sales are popular in places like Australia where if you want to sell your home, you have one or two days when people can come round and look at your home. It’s a good idea, especially if you have children or are elderly as you don’t spend every day on tenterhooks, trying to keep the home tidy and hoping that viewers who’ve booked to see your home come round.

However, to sell this way, you do normally need a good number of buyers, otherwise you go to a lot of work for potentially very few viewers. You only have to watch BBC’s Open House this year which, despite Kristian Digby’s efforts seems to have pretty much failed to attract many buyers, even though they would have their 15 minutes of fame! So to make this work, they will have to attract real buyers rather than voyeurs and persuade people away from their Christmas shopping to view houses!

Bear in mind that if you do view a house during the weekend, don’t be fooled into thinking it’ll be easy to complete prior to December 31st to avoid paying stamp duty up to £175,000. If you do try to do this, make sure you contact us at or tel 0845 838 1763, as we do have legal companies that will advise if they can purchase in short time periods and offer a ‘No sale No fee service’. In contrast, past experience suggests Countrywide’s legal service doesn’t deliver particularly well!

If you are considering visiting some of the open house properties, visit      

For more ideas on how to sell a property quickly, read our Five Options for a Quick Sale article.

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