Top Five things you need to know when Choosing a Home Information Pack to Sell Your Home

publication date: Feb 2, 2010
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books

Top Five things you need to know when Choosing a Home Information Pack to Sell Your Home

1. Negotiate the price of your HIP and conveyancing together – you can save hundreds of pounds if you buy the two together.

2. Go for a HIP company that also provides fixed fee and no sale, no fee conveyancing.

3. Consider buying an ‘exchange ready HIP’ as this means they create the HIP with more legal information in it so that once you have a buyer, your legal paperwork is done and your sale can be dramatically speeded up. 

4. Make sure the HIP company has the facility and agrees to include your information on the property fixtures and fittings/information form. These forms can be completed, in the main, prior to selling your home and they save a lot of time during the legal process.

5. It is essential to ask the HIP provider (even if recommended by the estate agent) if your HIP is portable ie if you change agent, then you can take your HIP with you.

Finally, make sure that if you do buy a HIP from an estate agent that you have a copy for yourself and know who owns the HIP should you decides to switch to another agent. If you don’t check this out, you could end up paying out twice for a HIP.

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