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Kate Faulkner's summary and analysis of latest rental market reports
Are rental indices showing consistent trends? Help for Tenants Help for landlords
Are Tenants Likely to Incur Rent Rises in 2013? Kate Faulkner's latest rental market summary Radio Nottingham March 2013 Property Market Update by Kate Faulkner
Rental Averages Throughout 2012 What's Happening to Room Rents? Rental Market Outlook for 2013: Busy!
Latest Summary & Analysis of Rental Reports Kate Faulkner's Latest Summary & Analysis of the Rental Reports Buy to Let Market Performance 2012
Tenants need to jump on the ladder quickly Who are the landlords who are housing the nation Tenants make some tough life choices, but many prefer the flexibility of renting
Landlords' returns aren't as healthy as currently reported Kate Faulkner's Nottingham Property Analysis from BBC Radio Nottingham Average rents barely keeping up with inflation
Rental Market Outlook for 2012 Is it time to leave the rental market and buy a property? Kate Faulkner's Latest Summary and Analysis of Rental Reports
Professional landlords are likely to be winning
as investors. Amateur landlords will have to
rely more on luck than judgement
Average rents the same as five years ago, regional rents erratic Tenants can only pay what they can afford
Summary and Analysis of Rental Reports for June 2012 Are reported rent rises just a London centric story? Past Rental Market Performance: Buy to let winners and losers
Rental Market Outlook for 2012 Calling all Londoners: How the Olympics could fund your Property Facelift Rental Deposit Scheme Protection
Rental Market Update - Past Market Performance Buy to Let Implications for Landlords Current Rental Market Performance
Find me a Property to Rent Making Money from Property and Buy to Let BBC Radio Nottingham Property Market Analysis
Is Having the House Number 13 Really Unlucky? The Rights of a Tenant The Essential Guide to Landlords' Insurance
Current Rental Market Performance Rental Market Outlook for 2012 Government Consultation to Reduce Illegal Letting of Affordable Social Housing
How to Let Property To Rent or Buy? Rental Market Update
Bringing empty properties back into use will reduce squatting of private properties, say Landlord Action Mayor Publishes Revised Housing Strategy for London BBC Radio Nottingham Property Round Up
As temperatures drop the experts at Belvoir
Lettings advise landlords on how to prevent
What to do if you are a Landlord Landlord Action welcomes Government clarification of the Deposit Protection Law
Mortgages for Buy to Let What's Happening to Rents Winter 2011? What to do if you are a Tenant
Renting a Property - Landlords' Responsibilities How will the Eurozone crisis affect the Market? Claimants of Local Housing Allowance rise but Landlords want out
Landlords Beware: Tenants are getting savvy with their rights! House of Horrors - How to Let Property No Let up for Pet Owning Tenants
Radio Nottingham Property Market Update Empty Housing - Andrew Stunell: More power for communities to bring empty homes back into use Legal Property Advice
Deposit Scheme Protection Britons want to live with Cheryl Cole! Paul Shamplina of Landlord Action comments on Rent Rises and its effects on Tenant Arrears
How to Let Property House Smell Maintenance Charge
BBC Radio Nottingham Property Market Update Rise in Tenants not Paying Rent Letting of Property - The Legal Company
Home Books Advice on Property Property Help
To Rent or To Buy Checklist for Choosing House Books Rent for Property
Buying a Property with Tenants Landlords Failing to Take Advange of Tax Breaks Property Buy to Let
Kate Faulkner appears on Fake Britain with Dominic Littlewood - Fake Landlords and Bad Tenants Buy to Let Companies Landlord Action sends Warning to Negligent Landlords
Serial bad tenants continue to plague landlords Homes with EPCs rating ‘E' or less cannot be rented from April 2018! Landlords - How Good are Your Property Records?
Landlord Action and Kate Faulkner team up
for a Seminar on the Possibilities and Pitfalls
of Buy to Let
Where to invest in buy to let… Landlords – What Has Happened to Your Cashflow?
Mixed Picture on Rental Prices across UK Can you trust a ‘Property Guru’? House Rental Prices
Buy to Let Property Myth No.4 - Armchair
investing is a good idea
Buy to Let Property Myth No.5 - Letting is Easy Landlords – Seven Ways to Minimise Your Property Taxes
Buy to Let Property Myth No.1 - Do property
bargains really exist?
Buy to Let Property Myth No.2 - Two or Three Properties will Support my Pension Buy to Let Property Myth No.3 - You can become a Millionaire in a Year!
Dealing with Squatters Adverse Possession Anyone can be a Victim of Squatters - Take Precautions!
Major news for Oxfordshire Landlords! 15 Ways for Tenants to Spot a Fake Landlord! What can you do to avoid squatters taking over your property?
2011 - The Year for Buy to Let? London Tenants having to downsize! Property Investment Fraud by a Developer and Surveyor Exposed to the tune of £50 million!
Tenancy Deposit Disputes Landlord To Do List Could 2011 be a good year for property investors?
Make Money from Property in 2011 Capital Gains Tax House Sale "Government's Incentive For Landlords Must Be Met With Caution" Says Landlord Action
Estate Agent Awards 2010 Housing Rental Market - Mixed Performances Across the UK Making Money from Property
Grave concern about Grant Shapps Decision
to scrap House Building Standards
Give your old phones to the Homeless! Cap on Local Housing Allowance rates could cause problems if implemented
Guttering Cleaning and Repairs What’s happening in the Construction Industry? Housing Waiting lists Reduced via Institutional Investment Opportunities
Welcome to Maintenance Week! To Rent or Buy? Maintaining your Gas Central Heating System
Landlord Action against Tenants who don't
pay their rent
Lack of properties could drive up rents Buy to Let Awards November 2010
Landlords! Is Your Buy to Let a ‘Cinema’ or
a ‘Ship’? Repairs Before the First Letting
What to do if you are Owed Money by a Property Investment Company Housing Rental Market - Rent Rises on the Horizon?
Buy to Let Companies Property Books Good news and bad news for the Buy to Let Mortgage Market
Rent House UK Buy to Let in UK Buy to Let Houses
Housing Rental Market - Housing Stock Dropping Capital Gains Tax Property Sale Renting Property UK
Landlord Action Exposes Rogue Tenants on ITV's ‘Nightmare Tenants’ Pitfalls of BMV Properties Working with Passive Investors to grow your Business
BBC Radio Nottingham Property Market Update
with Frances Finn
Pros and Cons of Renting in a Falling Market Housing Rental Market - Rents Rising, as predicted!
What’s the Future for the Lettings Industry? House Auction Prices - Market Continues to Stall Rental Market continues to stablise many areas
Some key considerations before you start
investing in HMO property
Moving House Tips - Moving with Pets Which Rental Tenancy Agreement?
Tenant Property Checklist Why renting without using experts can leave you penniless and homeless! Confessions of a Slum Landlord
Effects of budget and Capital Gains Tax on
Buy to Let market likely to be minimal
Top Tips for Picking Removal Services Essential steps to a stress free moving day
A Room Design Plan to make the most of the
Space in Your Home
Renting Property Guide - The Importance of an Inventory Kate Faulkner Summarises Lettings Market Trends at Lettings Live Awards
Investing in a tenant-grabbing property Moving House Costs Lettings Insurance
Another Housing Minister is announced! Is the Housing Rental Market starting to stabilise? Interior Styles and Room Colour Schemes
Kate Faulkner on BBC Radio Nottingham with
Frances Finn!
Letting Property Advice Coalition Government: Property Industry has its say
Fire Safety Regulations for HMO's - have you
filled in your Risk Assessment?
Belvoir Rental Index shows stability in build up to General Election Will the Rental Focus in Labour's Housing Manifesto Help or Hinder Buy to Let Landlords?
New Smart Deposit Solution offers landlords and agents an alternative to TDPS Property Investment is NOT a Passive Pastime! Planning permission required for renting property with three or more sharers!
What's happening in the rental market? Latest news – renting on the rise! National Landlords Association calls for TLC For Landlords
What Mortgage Regulation currently exists
and how does it protect borrowers?
Why Should Buy to Let Mortgages be Regulated? What are the issues that we need to address if Buy to Let Mortgages are Regulated?
New Interior Design Trends for 2010! Property investment clubs return with new sales pitch Why we should consider buy to let mortgages being regulated?
Kate Faulkner Presents at the BFP Conference in London Think you can trust lenders, mortgage advisors, surveyors and solicitors? Think Again! Positive start to 2010 Rental Figures for Belvoir
Is Snow Impacting the Performance of the
Property Market?
Kate’s Predictions for 2010 Why do People Fall for Scams?
New Year House Resolutions! Are you eligible for £400 off your next boiler? Kate's Summary of the 2009 Property Markets
Top Tips for Tenants in 2010 Top Tips for Buy to Let Landlords in 2010 Belvoir Rental Index for December 09
Buy to Let investors fret as property firm fails What to do if you are a Property Investor in 2010 Top Five Tips to Buying or Selling at Auction
Attention all Landlords – Act on Climate
Change now and Save Money!
Insuring buy to let investments – Good value for money or not? Is your rent really late?
Should you buy, sell, rent, renovate or
build in 2010?
Benefit Claiming Tenants! Legal and Tax Implications of Inheriting a Home
Watch out for Letting Agents Running off
with your Cash!
Latest Property Market News Rental rates on the rise? Overview of the rental market 2009-10
When and How you should Sell your Property Investments Many would be interested in how to go about buying and selling on for profit Thinking of Renewing your Home Insurance?
First time investor: Where do you start? What should you do differently in the current economic climate? Why you Should Diversify your Property Investments
What’s the Bad News for Property Investors? Have you checked your Property Portfolio will Deliver what YOU Want? What’s Going to Happen to House Prices in 2010?
What are your options if you have one poorly
parent and one well parent?
Student Renting in the UK What’s the Good News for Property Investors?
Leaving a Property Empty Long Term Renting an Owned Property What to do if a lone parent is moved into a residential/nursing home permanently
I instructed a letting agent on a ‘finder’s fee’
only, my tenant has been there for six months, my agent now wants a fee to just do the renewal paperwork, do I have to pay
What should you do with your parents' home if they are put into care? Lone parent goes into a residential/nursing home or hospital temporarily
What do I do if my tenant stops paying the rent? When it’s time to switch your Letting Agent What is the point of an Energy Performance Certificate?
Top Five Tips to Terminating a Tenancy Agreement Top 10 Tips to Vacating a Rented Property Are property prices going up or down?
Top Five Reasons why Property Inspections are Essential Top 10 Reasons why YOU should work with an Independent Financial Advisor Sale and Rent Back Schemes are Regulated as of TODAY! 1st July 2009
Top 10 Ways to Attract and Retain Your Tenants Top Five Landlord Responsibilities to Tenants (When Moved In) Top Five Tenant Responsibilities to Your Landlord
10 Ways to be the Best Tenant! Five Ways to be the Best Landlord How to Compare Letting Agents’ Property Management Services
Lets with Pets Top Five Tips to be a Successful Buy to Let Investor Top Five Reasons to use a Buy to Let Consultant
Rentals are going to be hot this summer How do we solve the problem of Second Home Ownership? Major holiday home tax break changes could cost you thousands!

Will the current potential solutions to encourage and expand rural village life work?

Is it still acceptable to have a second home when so many people can’t afford one?

Major holiday home tax break changes could cost you thousands!
Why not Build a Cashflow Positive 'Build to Let'? Renting a Home: Top Ten Dos and Don'ts Successful property investing
Top tips for buy to let investors How to survive in buy to let Letting a Home: Top Ten Dos and Don'ts
Smart homes for smart landlords Stick or Twist?

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  Everyone knows about ATOL & ABTA – so why ignore NALS & ARLA?
  Are Scotland's rents being driven up due to a loss of tenant fees?
  Are Labour right to ban tenant fees before we know the real impact in Scotland?
  Kate Faulkner's Summary and Analysis of Latest Rental Market Reports
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