Auction Property Market Update February 2011

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The auction market will always do well during a recession, but it's also a good guide to what's actually happening between real buyers and sellers. To date, the figures from the EI Group suggest that the strength is on the side of the buyer, with more lots coming onto the market than previous years, so an increase in supply.

On the demand side though, overall, the number of deals being done is slightly higher, with the percentage of lots sold up from 61.7% in January 2010 to 64.7%. However the percentages don't show that the number of actual lots is up from 187 to 317, ie sales are up year on year by 69.5%!

The average prices across the auction houses are less than the stamp duty limit of £125,000, so it's well worth taking some time to investigate buying through auction over the coming months, especially towards the back end of 2011 when sellers are really likely to start struggling with higher interest rates leading to an increase in mortgage rates.

From a regional perspective, the best performing area is the North East where stock was up by 47%, lots sold by 46% and the auction sales value up a huge 51% suggesting some real bargains were to be had!

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REMEMBER: Do your research first and NEVER buy a property at auction without a survey and the legal checks!

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