House Price Market Update June 2009

House Price Market Commentary for June 2009
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Despite the misleading headlines that prices are rising, the actual national picture shows property prices continue to fall year on year albeit at a slowing rate. The latest Land Registry data shows the average home is now worth around £152,000. However, comprehensive analysis of both value and volume housing statistics shows:-

1. Property price surveys shouldn’t be relied on by the media to explain what is actually happening in the market.
2. The housing market is starting to bottom out in some areas around the UK.
3. Regionally, some markets have recovered, albeit at a low sales rate, while in other locations, the housing market is still in dire straits.

To really understand what the figures below mean and what is going to happen in the market place for the rest of 2009, then READ MORE.

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Headline Statistics

Headline Statistics





Average Prices

£152,497 to £226,436

-5.5%% to

Rightmove highest
Land Registry Lowest

May/June data




Land Registry

Dec to Mar 09

Time to Sell

9.4 Weeks



Number of viewings to sale12Down from 13



Offer to Market Price





% change new buyers registering with agents


Down versus 6% increase last month



No houses sold by agents10 30% up year on yearNAEAMay/June
% sold to for sale boards29.5% up from 28.3%

For Sale Sign Anaylsis

Number of new mortgages43,414Slightly higher than April figures, but still down YoYBank of EnglandMay

*  Per month
**Per agent

Sold versus For Sale Sign Boards data*


Percentage Sold

16%12%17%19.5% 21.1% 28.3%29.5%

*Data provided by FSSA, for more information on this data, Contact us

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Price Indices
There are at least seven property indices and other companies that comment on the property market, please checkout the links below:-

Rightmove    Halifax    Nationwide   RICS 
Communities    Financial Times    Land Registry

Other Useful Resources
Hometrack    NAEA    RICS    Savills    Knight Frank

For more market commentary on a national or local level:-
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